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One of the purposes of Fox Islands Concerts is to encourage and promote music education on the islands of North Haven and Vinalhaven. We provide grants to each island school for specific musical needs (books, music, instruments, etc.) and scholarships to students for music camps and workshops.

In recent years we helped over 40 students travel to hear the Epic Brass in Rockland, ME. We paid travel expenses for chaperones who accompanied two students chosen for the District 3 Sixth Grade Music Honors Band in Lisbon, ME and contributed to the Vinalhaven 2011 Senior Class Trip, helping them to see Les Miserables in London, England. We funded private music lessons for two students, sent three students to music camp, and purchased ukuleles for a new music education program at the North Haven School.

In 2015 we arranged for the purchase of a flute for the North Haven School, contributed funds to upgrade a clarinet for a Vinalhaven School graduate, and gave a grant to rejuvenate the instrument collection for the pre-school music classes offered at Waterman’s in North Haven.

In the spring of 2017 trombonist Art Baron spent a week instructing students in the Vinalhaven and North Haven schools, a project jointly funded by Fox Islands Concerts and Partners in Island Education (PIE). Some pictures capturing their interaction can be seen here.

It is our hope in coming years to bring other artists to the islands during the school year to interact with the students and with the island population in general. If you are an island resident and are interested in a grant from Fox Islands Concerts, please contact info@foxislandsconcerts.org.